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Rules and Regulations

  1. LANFlat reserves the right to refuse access to any individual.
  2. No drugs of any kind are allowed at the event. Smoking is allowed in designated areas.
  3. Headphones are required: no external sound devices are allowed.
  4. LANFlat may add or remove rules at anytime. All current rules are located on this page.
  5. LANFlat is Prepay ONLY. Attendees must prepay before the event this guarentees them a seat. There are no refunds for people missing the event.

Event Rules (Zero Tolerance)

The following are rules intended to ensure the safety of others and their equipment. Infractions will be dealt with at the discretion of crew and may include your removal from the event without refund.

  • Absolutely NO DRUGS are permitted within the event.
  • Nobody under the Age of 18 is permitted into the venue.
  • Racism is NOT tolerated in any way shape or form.
  • Violence or Harassment towards other participants is strictly prohibited.
  • Any disruption in event services such as the network/power or other participants PC’s (such as hacking) will be dealt with accordingly.
  • Don’t cheat. If you are coming to the LAN for the simple measure of cheating to win, expect to be removed. In addition if it takes place during a tournament your team will forfeit.
  • Each attendee will treat all other attendees’ computer equipment with respect.
  • This means no theft, damage, or hacking of any kind into other systems. LANFlat is not responsible for any of the above if it occurs to you. Each person is responsible for their own system and the software installed on it.


Under new legislation the event organisers are liable by providing a means to transfer illegal data. Illegal data includes all pirated software, pornographic images/software, and viruses. By registering and paying for the event, means you will not bring illegal software, or seek to transfer/copy any across our network. This indemnifies LANFlat and you will be solely responsible for your own actions should you chose to ignore this instruction.

By registering, you agree to follow the following the rules and adhere to any punishments if you break them.

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